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Infinity IRS BETA
  • Infinity IRS BETA


    Legendary Infinity IRS BETA loudspeakers. To this day, they have no equal. Such speakers are no longer produced, it's true GIGANTS HI-END.

    Spectacular loudspeakers for discerning and highly discerning listeners. EMIM L's ribbon design extends down to around 150 Hz. There, a servo-driven speaker system takes over the bass extension to 16 Hz. The bass drives a total of 8 x30cm! in a closed housing controlled by servos. The potential is amazing and is unattainable with any other hi-end design currently available on the market.

    There are no systems that can match their efficiency and class. The set includes 2 bass modules and 2 modules equipped with tweeter panels, original grilles, original IRS SERVO driver with original wiring.

    The speakers sound absolutely amazing. They are considered the best and most successful in the history of Infinity.

    Introduced: 1987-92

    Dimensions: Bass Tower: 167.5 x 44.2 x 36.7 cm

    Dimensions: Mid/High Tower: 167.5 x 43.5 x 45.7 cm

    Wight: Bass Tower: 63 kg

    Wight: Mid/High Tower: 34 kg

    Bass: 4 x 30 cm

    Mids: 2 x L-EMIM, 1 x EMIM

    Highs: 2 x EMIT (one on the back), 1 x SEMIT

    Suggested for amplifiers with: 100-500 Watts per Bass Tower

    Suggested for amplifiers with: 150-300 Watts per Mid/High Tower

    Frequency range: 15Hz - 45kHz

    Crossover frequencies: 100 Hz, 750 Hz, 4500 Hz, 10 kHz

    Special: Servo control unit for bass drivers

    The shipping cost is determined individually and depends on the place of delivery.

    In most cases, we deliver the equipment sold in the "door to door" service and it is the safest form of delivery.

    Ask us for the price of delivery to your location.

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