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T+A Criterion TMR 160
  • T+A Criterion TMR 160


    We are just starting work on another pair of these outstanding floorstanders. At the moment, the customer can order a personalized version of the color and equipment.

    The price, depending on the equipment and the degree of moderation, will range from PLN 8,500 to PLN 11,500 for the version with four SEAS transducers.

    Scope of work possible to perform:

    - new fronir on chests in any color

    - version on SEAS or VIFA basses

    - crossover moderation

    - moderation of internal damping

    - integral bases with invisible wheels, the ability to move the set even with one hand

    moderation of the transmission line with the possibility of making an additional masking at its outlet

    replacement of speaker terminals

    reinforcement of the back wall

    - new plating of the grilles in the color chosen by the customer

    The company itself writes about itself:

    ... because T+A stands for Theory and Application (application) in the field of audio technology. This means that we develop, refine and manufacture the highest quality Hi-Fi components in order to develop excellent High-End products for our customers around the world. Our company has been operating in Herford in East Westphalia since 1978, and it is at the heart of all our thoughts and actions. When designing our products, we do not set ourselves any limits and spare neither costs nor effort to achieve the perfect sound. The results speak for themselves in our products: Extremely long product cycles, extended service life and a wide range of retro-fit options make T+A systems a sound investment for the future.

    The same premises accompany us when revitalizing loudspeaker sets.

    It will be another revitalization of this model.

    A set with a sophisticated transmission line system - audible bass descent below 18 Hz!, with monstrous crossovers occupying a large area of ​​perfectly twisted and glued boxes, massive gold-plated speaker terminals - extremely thick internal wiring.

    Five-way design based on Scandinavian SEAS or VIFA drivers. The bass speakers have brand new suspensions!

    Thanks to the profiled, narrowing chests at the front and a large depth, they do not fill the living room too intrusively.

    The boxes have additional internal reinforcements glued in, all factory glued connections have been improved. They have four chambers, one with bass speakers, the other completely separated from other transducers and two chambers going along the entire length with transmission lines.

    The sound is monumental and complementary at the same time, ideal for obvious reasons even for quiet listening sessions, an uncompromising speaker set with exceptional efficiency and dynamics .... it's hard to compare it with anything, although we are constantly looking for the perfect .... :)

    They certainly don't need a subwoofer to deliver home theater effects.

    Equipment for the aesthete-connoisseur of outstanding sound and perfect construction.

    Model: CRITERION TMR 160

    Year of construction: 1983 - 1986

    Made in:Germany

    Colour: to be agreed with the buyer.

    Dimensions: 400 x 1310 x 460mm (W x H x D)

    Weight: 130 kg (in TOP version)


    2 X 260 mm VIFA or SEAS (on request)

    midbass: 160 mm I.E.V. WS 160/25 OP 14 08

    midrange: 38 mm dome

    Tweeter: T+A modified Vifa D20TD-05 dome (polypropylene)

    Load capacity (nominal / music): 160/250 W)

    Frequency response: 18-30000Hz

    Transition ranges: 300/2500/8000 Hz

    Impedance: 4 ohms

    We also invite you to our channel on INSTAGRAM and FACEBOOK - Studio Vintage Audio where you will find reviews of many of the equipment we sell.

    We invite you to our You Tube channel where you can listen to how well the above model fits with mature electronics - Studio Vintage Audio.

    The shipping cost is determined individually and depends on the place of delivery.

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